Do I need to take out travel insurance?

Yes, we would recommend that you take out insurance before setting off on your trip. Potentially your credit or debit cards might include insurance with them already without needing to purchase it. You should check in with your bank if you think that this might be a possibility and they will be able to confirm any insurance options.

You can also take out additional insurance with our partner, Chapka Insurance. You will have 48 hours once you have made your first payment to acquire this insurance. For more information about what insurance options there are please click here. If you have questions regarding a specific case that you would like to check the possibility of insuring you can contact Chapka directly via email or on their Customer Care Hotline (+44 20 3808 7722).
Please make sure to let them know that you are an Evaneos traveller when sending any emails regarding a quote to the Chapka Customer Care Team so that they can advise you based on the insurance we provide to our travellers.

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